Mission, History & Key Objectives

Founded in 1982, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Marin has been the premier advocate, leader and resource for integrated, multicultural business development.

We are a County Wide Chamber

As the only County-wide Chamber of Commerce, the Hispanic Chamber represents a wide variety of Hispanic/Latino-owned and non-Hispanic/Latino-owned businesses, as well as Latino professionals, sole proprietors and entrepreneurs.

We Support Companies with large latino base welcome

The Hispanic Chamber welcomes companies that have a large Latino employee base, actively promote Latinos within their Senior Management structure and seek to reach the Latino market.

We Support and promote your success

Our Mission is to support, advance and promote the growth and success of Hispanic/Latino-owned businesses and professionals through collaboration, networking opportunities and access to resources that will increase the visibility of Latino professionals in Marin.

Read Our Vision and purpose

Through a united effort, the executive leadership focuses its vision and purpose of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Marin to achieve these key objectives:

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Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce Of Marin

Our Objectives:

  • To support, promote and increase the visibility of Hispanic/Latino-owned businesses and business professionals;

  • To increase business growth through a mutually beneficial, strong and effective networking system;

  • To represent a diversity of Hispanic/Latino and non-Hispanic/Latino businesses in its membership and provide business resources and services to that membership;

  • To represent the needs of a diverse small business community;

  • To promote the development of marketing skills, promotional tools, community advocacy and strategic planning for its members;

  • To address the needs of the Latino consumer; and

  • To promote and advocate for opportunities for the Hispanic/Latino community in Marin County.